Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back to Belwood!

Wow! What happened to winter? Here we are back in Canada after a great winter away from the cold (a much kinder winter than last year in Florida)! An eventful last few months in Florida - we bought a house and will probably downsize the RV to something more in keeping with occasional travels instead of full-time living in the RV.

But there's lots of work left on the basement apartment in Belwood before I can truly give up full-time living in the RV (although we're roughing it in the basement now since the bathroom and bedroom are serviceable enough to occupy). But still no kitchen, so it's a bit like camping in the basement! As soon as the trucks finish moving dirt and gravel to the back yard, I'll be able to set up the RV and use that for cooking at least. Living this summer will be a bit unsettled!

Returning to Florida at the end of the summer will be a pleasure though, as we move into our new (to us) house in Port St. Lucie. It backs right onto the Savannas Preserve State Park so we will enjoy nature right in our back yard! Pictures coming as soon as I get a chance to organize what I have available. Meanwhile, these few words will have to do! More soon . . .

Dave & Willy

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