Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 2009 Update

It's high time that I update this saga! We've been back in Florida for a couple of weeks now after our December trip home to Fergus ON for Christmas. Considering the weather up north, we're happy to be back where it's warm. No more parkas and snow shovels!

The pictures show both reasons to come south and the main reason for traveling north.

Driving 1400 miles (2200 Km) north and back again in a Smart Car was routine - that little car behaved just fine and traveled the Interstates at 70+ mph (120 Kph) without a problem. We did get lots of curious looks, though.

More changes in our plans for the future - we took advantage of a super opportunity to purchase an RV lot at Nettles Island, so we'll be spending more time here in the coming years than we would have if we didn't have a new "home" to come back to. Pictures of the new "residence" for our mobile home are below.
In a very large community of seniors (made up of Snow Birds and permanent residents) there's lots of need for extra computer skills, so I joined the local computer club and have been busy teaching computer security, installing and fixing WiFi connections and otherwise using a lifetime of computer skills. An opportunity to give back a bit of my knowledge.

And of course, the regular motorcycle rides round out the Florida experience! Breakfast or lunch rides on Sundays and longer Wednesday rides around the countryside ensure that I'll put more miles on my bike this year than ever before! It sure is nice to ride 12 months of the year. With many new friends . . .

Finally, Willy and I are walking and riding our bicycles more than ever. And Willy is enjoying crafts, tap- and line-dancing. How did we ever have time for full-time jobs!

Until next time . . .

Dave & Willy.