Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter in Florida!

Here we are in mid-December. And just when I've gotten used to being warm most of the time, I'm heading back to the Great White North for Christmas! At least I'll have better weather to look forward to long before most Canadians (barring those who are fanatic skiers, of course!). I hope to be back just after the new year to continue enjoying my time away from the cold!

I got a head start on feeling cold during my 3-day motorcycle trip to Key West. The temperature at 9:00 AM when we started out was 41 degrees F (5 C)! Ugh! And it rained during most of the return trip with temperatures just over 50 degrees F (10 C). Good practice for dressing warmly - I'll need that skill when I return to Belwood!

It's been a busy month and a half! I'm coordinating the training program for the Nettles Island Computer Club, teaching several classes and I'm computer adviser to the local newspaper, the Nettles Islander (now that the paper has gone online-only, currently just as a PDF, I get to do most of the final assembly). Oh yeah, I also write a computer column for the paper. For a look at my first issue, click here: Nettles Islander November 2010 Issue

Here's an image of the front cover done by our own Nettles Island artist, Sally Sprague.

It's also about time I post some of my recent presentation material for the courses I've been giving. Look for those during the coming weeks (weeks, because I'll be spending much of my time in Belwood making the basement habitable for Willy and me - the bathroom is just about done, but the bedroom needs some serious work to finish drywall and flooring!).

I'll continue with a more detailed account of both the construction activities in Belwood and the "leisure" activities in Jensen Beach!

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